New Pages Added

Hey everyone, Monica here,

So since I just added a few more pages to the site, I’d thought a new post explaining the changes would be good.

I’ve added the Books page that offers readers the chance to acquire more knowledge on mushrooms and the cultivation process. The ones that are listed seemed to offer the most in these regards and I have purchased a few myself for reference.

The Finding Spores page was added because it actually wasn’t easy finding quality starter spores for decent prices. After researching which ones seemed the most promising, I listed them in order from spore syringes, to kits, and then to dried spores.

Anyways, thank you for your time and I hope you find this added knowledge useful.


Assorted fresh edible mushrooms used as ingredients in cooking including agarics, shitake and oyster mushrooms

Discovering the Easiest Methods for Growing Mushrooms at Home

Hi everyone, Monica here,

I’ve been spending a lot of time sifting through the internet for helpful guides on how to easily grow mushrooms indoors. All I’m really looking for, is a way to grow different kinds of mushrooms within my own home where I can personally know that no harmful products (i.e. pesticides) have been near them.

Luckily, after clearing away all the overly expensive mushroom cultivation guides or out-of-date blogs leading nowhere, I found something. This is when I discovered Mushroom Growing 4 You and after going over the website many times, I knew I had to try it out.

What first drew me in were the many reviews listed, and since I personally tend to pay great attention to listed reviews, I read one that I really connected with.

Click Here to check out the website

Written below is exactly what I wanted to see in terms of this system’s potential success:

“Hi Jake, I wanted to thank you once again for your encouragement and for your wonderful guide. Before reading Mushroom Growing 4 You I had no clue on what was involved in mushroom growing…now my family has been eating yummy home-grown mushrooms for two weeks!

Best of all is the feeling I get knowing that I am feeding my kids pesticide-free mushrooms, and they have told me that ‘daddy’s mushrooms’ taste better than the ones we used to buy from the supermarket. Not to mention that they work out to be much cheaper too! I can honestly say that your system is worth its weight in gold!”

Andrew Dawson – Arizona, USA

After ordering the Ebook myself, I now know that the right decision was made. All the information is up-to-date and has provided more than expected in terms of the general cultivation process.

And something I can’t emphasize enough, I love that there are tons of videos that go over step-by-step over almost every detail.

The only thing I didn’t really care for was how the manual was constricted. However, I’m a bullet point person by nature, so that might be just a personal thing for me. Still got through the paragraph formatting just fine.

But I definitely think it’s worth giving a shot and putting to rest the seemingly endless researching. Because believe me, that has been how I’ve felt this last week.

Really, I felt that I was looking for a basic growth guide that could provide answers to all the general questions as well as the tough ones down the road.

For example, I don’t know anything on how to build a proper incubation or fruiting chamber; but the worry isn’t there anymore because I know I have the answers on hand when those parts arrive.

Basically I knew there had to be an easier, more beginner-friendly and cost-effective way to growing mushrooms at home and I was right.

See for yourself

I hope you find this information useful and will maybe even start your own little fungi project using Mushroom Growing 4 You. I mean, how I look at it is: anything is worth a look if it’s going to help make healthier lifestyle choices right?


Mushroom Cultivation Process – Basics of What We Need to Know

Hi all, Monica here,

As I was discovering the best method to growing these particular fungi family members, I came across helpful information that provided great background knowledge.

Before I really decide to dive into a system that I’d like to try, I want to know the basics about these healthy little jewels.

Check this video out – I thought it provided a great overall introduction to the world of mushroom cultivation.

I think the most shocking thing I learned was that mushrooms provide great cancer-fighting agents! Had literally no idea.

Also something I came across was this website that has a TON of history and general overviews about all different kinds of mushrooms from your standard White Button to Shiitake.

Here’s the link and I definitely suggest setting some time aside to read up on your mushroom facts.

Anyways, back to trying to find the best system design to easily grow my own mushrooms at home. Will be back in touch soon.


Delicious Mushrooms – How Can I Grow Them Indoors?

Hello everyone, Monica here,

Thank you for arriving at my website solely dedicated to finding the best method in growing mushrooms at home.

I will begin my research now in hopes that I will find something to stop me from having to go to the grocery store constantly to purchase these rather expensive fungi. And I don’t even know how they’ve been grown or worse, what kind of pesticides have they encountered??

So the quest begins!

Cheers for reading!